what people are saying

"Not only are Nouvelle Macarons the best I've ever tasted, they are beautifully embellished and presented. Michele's meticulous attention to detail is incredible. And so many flavors! It's hard to choose, but each one is a delight."

~Jeannine Caudill Graffin


"These beautiful macarons are just as delicious as they look. 😋 We ordered 6 dozen for a family gathering and they were a hit. From the lemon to the salted caramel, they were all yummy! We will definitely be ordering again."

~Kimberly Statz


"I special ordered two dozen yesterday from Michele for my dinner party. Butterscotch, buttercream and toffee bits. They were fantastic! A huge hit with my guests. Great work, Michele. Keep 'em coming!"

~Michael O. Lamphere


"Just picked up my order of macarons. They are so beautiful. I have a variety of flavors and they’re so fantastically yummy. ❤️"

~Gina Corsi


"Delicious macarons! There was a variety of flavors. So far the lemon flavored one was my favorite! They all looked great and tasted amazing! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for something different."

~Elsa Ruiz

"Of course I had to try these as soon as I got home! They are delicious!! And beautiful packaging too!"

~Betty Tomassini Criesco

"Look what we got! Brian took one bite and pronounced them “amazing!” Thanks, Michele! Highly recommended."

~Nancy Schrock

"If you don’t know, now you know! Best macaron’s (not macaroons) ever!!! Contact Nouvelle Macarons and order yours today!!!!"

~John Michael Ferrando

"I just received my macarons - they are so yummy and have the perfect chewiness! Plus I love the ginger and green tea. Your packaging is also perfect. Every single macaron was safe and snuggled into its "seat". Thank you so much for the time, care and thoughtfulness. I will enjoy every bite!"

~Betsy McLaughlin