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please note: Orders placed after November 20th will not be filled until after the 29th of November.


thank you for your understanding.


Oooh la la... impress your family, friends & guests with my fancy French Macarons!


Nouvelle Macarons are hand crafted with quality ingredients & great care is given to each & every one.

Design details, like sprinkles, drizzles, & hand painted decorations & colors may vary from one batch to the next, but the taste is always
the same... incredibly delicious!  Nouvelle
 Macarons are large-sized, have a smooth, domed crunchy exterior, & a soft chewy cookie interior.
Sweet, flavorful creamy filling is sandwiched between the almond flour & meringue shells.


Did you know that basic macarons are naturally Gluten Free?
Please check to see as certain flavors may had added ingredients that may not reflect this.

These one of a kind macarons are packaged in boxes of one dozen & are best eaten within a few days. If you can't consume them that quickly (which isn't impossible, they are that good!) please refrigerate them for up to one week or they can be frozen for up to 3 months.
Take out of refrigeration 15 minutes or more to thaw before eating (if you can wait that long!)

Please order at least 3-5 days in advance of due date as I am a home-based bake shop and bake to order.
Custom orders are
welcome for large quantities. One dozen boxes are as advertised without exception. If you want to do a mix of flavors please choose the Bakers Choice, which is subject to current order extras.


Marin County residents enjoy free local delivery.

Pickup is available upon request, & there is a fee for outside area delivery if you chose.


No shipping available at this time. You may do so after purchase, on your own, if you chose.