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Macaron Flavors

What I love about French Macarons is that the design possibilities are endless.
I can combine any flavor or colors to fit your occasion & taste buds. If you do not see something on here, please message me & tell me your ideas. I will do my best to bring your macaron vision to life!

chocolate based

full throttle chocolate

chocolate raspberry

chocolate salted caramel


cookies & cream

• red velvet

 mint chocolate chip

 chocolate orange

• peanut butter & chocolate

fruit & jams

• strawberry cheesecake

 galaxy (blackberry)

 lemon with lemon curd


 rosé wine

 peachy (hand painted)

• blueberry


 vanilla bean

• birthday cake

• vanilla lavender

 cookie dough

 geodes (dulce de leche)

 maple pancake

 24 karat gold (butterscotch)

• cotton candy


• matcha green tea

 maple bacon

 coffee nutella


 popcorn (movie night)

• coffee

Marble Surface


• watermelon

• shamrock (baileys irish creme)

• halloween themed

• carnival caramel apple

• egg nog

• peppermint hot chocolate

• candy cane

• pumpkin pie spice


• valentine hearts

 cookie monster

 hunny butter

• wedding (airbrushed)

• baby shower (airbrushed)


 airplane (blue angels)


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